Kopala Environmental’s expertise in full-service wastewater management is unsurpassed in the region. Our experienced personnel are able to provide self-contained temporary water and sewage systems for rig sites and work camps, and service them with our fleet of potable water and sewage hauling units. But our service offering at the rig site doesn’t end there.

Our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks, semi-vacs, end dump units, and water tankers are dispatch-ready to support drilling, production and industrial operations.


• Drilling Operations Support
• Specialized Transportation Services
• Fluid Management Solutions
• Potable Water and Sewage Services

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• Vacuum Trucks
• Semivac Units
• Hydrovac
• Wet / Dry Steam Trucks
• Fresh Water Trucks
• Bulk Tanker Units
• End Dump Units
• Potable Water Trucks
• Camp Wastewater Systems
• Washcars